Coax Cables

Davis RF supplies a wide assortment of professional grade, high quality 50 Ohm & 75 Ohm coax cables from industry leading manufacturers such as Andrew, Belden, CommScope, TerraWave Solutions, Times Microwave and others.

Bury-FLEX by Davis RF

Bury-FLEX™ is Low-Loss Flexible 50 Ohm coax designed for use from HF through UHF bands. Bury-FLEX™ is flexible enough to be used on rotator loops, yet durable enough to stand up to the harshest of environments and is ideal for direct burial applications.

DRF-400 by Davis RF

DRF-400 is equivalent to Times LMR-400. Same physical and electrical characteristics. Made in USA. Less expensive than LMR-400.

Low-Loss Braided Coaxes

We offer low-loss braided coaxes from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Andrew Cinta®, CommScope WBC®, Terrawave Solution TWS® and Times Microwave LMR® coaxes can be found here.

Belden Coaxes

Genuine Belden coaxes have long been the choice of professional broadcast companies and amateur operators. Davis RF is pleased to offer the full line of Belden products.

Hard Line Coaxes

Davis RF offers the full range of Andrew Heliax® and RFS Cellwave® Hard Line coaxes. These cables are ideal for use on repeaters and for critical communication systems for emergency management services.

High Quality RG Type Coaxes

We offer a wide assortment of high quality 50 Ohm and 75 Coaxes for use by amateur operators, as well as military and commercial application.

Marine Grade Coaxes

We offer both 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm coaxes manufactured with White UV & Water Resistant, Non-Contaminating type PVC Jackets for use in Marine Communication Systems.

High Temp Coaxes

Davis RF supplies a full line of coaxes made with high temp PTFE dielectrics and FEP jackets ideal for use in high-end electronic applications.


 LMR® is a registered trade mark of Times Microwave Systems