Tech Articles and White Papers

We have compiled a series of articles and white papers.

Common Coaxial Connectors

A complete discourse on the types of coaxial connectors and their history by Edward Kuester, professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado

Soldering Flexweave Products

This article is a discussion and tips on soldering flexweave products by Davis RF founder, Steve Davis, K1PEK.

Crimp versus Solder Connectors

This informative paper is compiled by the technical department at R.F. Industries. It compares the advantages and disadvantages of the two main types of connectors in the amateur marketplace. It also contains some pictures for additional information.

R.F.I. Assembly Guide

This is a useful table that gives the correct strip lengths for all the R.F.I. connectors. This also includes the die set sizes for crimp connectors and special notes for connector installations.

Installation of the 83-1SP

The article has step by step instructions from Amphenol to make the installing of the male UHF solder connector, 83-1SP, onto coax simple and straight-forward.

Heliax Connector Instructions

Installation instructions from Andrew Corporation for the connectors that fit their heliax coax product line. It also includes technique tips and drawing to help fully understand the directions.