Interesting Links

Times Cables
Low loss HF-Microwave cables, LMR, etc. Please note that DAVIS RF Co. carries the Times product line.

Electric Net
Directory, Buyer's Guide, and Resource Locator for the Electric Power Industry
Ham radio Classified Ads & Free Advertising

World Radiosport Team Championship
The World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) is held every four years and consists of approximately 50 two-person teams of amateur radio operators competing in a test of operating skill. Unlike most on-the-air competitions, all stations are required to use identical antennas from the same geographic region, eliminating all variables except operating ability.

Marine Electrical Check List
Various aspects of Marine wiring and electrical system installation & maintenance.

Solar Images, Data, Flares
Images and data of various solar-terrestrial events.

UPS Shipment Tracking
On-line UPS shipment tracking. Waiting for a package? Want to check its point to point progression and current location? Ask your supplier or shipper for the tracking number, then go to this UPS site and click on "Tracking" at top of first page. Please note: Allow time for package deliveries. Boston to SC=3 days, to FL=4 days, to mid USA 3-4 days, to western states 5 days. Days=business days, not counting weekends & holidays.

Real Time Live Shortwave Audio
Choose the frequency and then listen in!

Ham Radio On-line Classroom
General radio questions, ionosphere and space related radio science, radio safety issues.

Disasters Communication On-line
On-line, real-time disaster communications; U.S. Energy demand info, major seismic events, real time tropical storms, satellite views, internet disaster info network, American Red Cross disaster aid.

MIR Space Station
Location and various information on the MIR space station.

Satellite Tracking by "J-Track"
Satellite tracking information from NASA, real-time.

U.S. FCC Ham Callsign Lookup
Search any FCC license by call sign, name, city, zip, etc. Input city & state and receive listing of all licenses in that city.

Buckmaster World-wide Callsign Lookup
Search the world for Ham callsigns, addresses, etc.

The Grasswire Antenna
HF wire antenna design by K3MT

The Quad & Modquad, A "hardware store antenna" 2 meter Quad or modified for 10m & 2m antenna design by K3MT

AMP On-line Catalog & Signal Integrity Analyzer (SIA)
Davis Associates carries the AMP product line. Use the on-line AMP catalog for various parts and technical info. The catalog requires a free, no obligation registration which takes about one minute to set up. Download The Signal Integrity Analyzer (SIA) program which has an intuitive graphical user interface that integrates printed circuit board and connector design areas with powerful simulation and parameter extraction engines, plus comprehensive applications and interconnection design tutorials. You do not need application engineering experience to enjoy this program!

The Smithe Windom Antenna
HF through 2 meter wire antenna design by K3MT

Broadband Telephony, Directed Energy Warfare, & HTS Filters
Articles and references on Broadband Telephony, Directed Energy Warfare, and HT Filter Techology. HTS Filter techology - Improving EW System Performance by Paul A. Ryan. By minimizing unwanted friendly or hostile interference signals, HTS Filters can free up an aircraft's defensive system to better detect and counter hostil emitters.

Easy 160m Vertical Antenna
An easy to make, 160 meter vertical antenna design by K3MT

IEEE Personal Communications
The magazine of nomadic communications and computing is designed for individuals working in the communications and networking communities. It covers technical and policy issues relating to personalized, location-independent communications in all media.

Portable 2m VHF Yagi Antenna
A portable yagi antenna design for 2 meters from K3MT

JPS DSP Audio Filters
Complete details on JSP's full line of DSP Audio Filter