DRF-400 ™
by Davis RF

DRF-400™ is a direct equivalent to the popular brand of the Times Microwave coax known as LMR-400. DRF-400 is manufactured in the US by Davis RF with over 20 years of experience in producing and engineering high quality cables like Bury-FLEX™ and Arial Wire like Flexweave™. All trademarks noted are those of DAVIS RF Co.

Installing connectors is quite simple with the recommended tools and connectors.

Pricing Table
QTY <100 ft <499 ft <999 ft >1000 ft
COST $1.08/ft $1.00/ft $.94/ft $.88/ft

BuryFlex Cable

Typical Characteristics
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Capacitance: 23 pF/FT
Velocity: 85% nom.
Attenuation dB/100 FT
30 MHz .7
50 MHz .9
150 MHz 1.5
220 MHz 1.9
450 MHz 2.7
900 MHz 3.9
1500 MHz 5.1
2000 MHz 6.0
Physical Properties
Conductor: 10 AWG Solid Bare
Copper Clad
Dielectric: Foamed PE
Shield 1: Bonded Aluminum
(100% Coverage).
Shield 2: Tinned Copper Braid
(95% Coverage)
Jacket: Black Low Density PE
.405" nom OD
Cable Weight: .068 lbs/ft nom.
Bend Radius: 1" min.
Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Applications.

Check out our "RF Connectors" page for the appropriate connectors.