Low-Loss Braided Coaxes

Davis RF supplies a full line of Low-Loss Braided Coaxes from industry leading suppliers such as Times Microwave, TerraWave Solutions and Andrew.

We can supply custom cable assemblies built to meet your requirements with each of the cables listed below. Please contact us for pricing on custom cable assemblies.

We can also help you should your project require Plenum Rated coax such as LMR-400-LLPL, or larger cables such as LMR-900-DB or LMR-1200-DB.

Please contact us with your requirements so we can provide you with current pricing and availability.

DRF-400 is equivalent to Times LMR-400. Same physical and electrical characteristics. Made in USA. Less expensive than LMR-400.

Braided Coax Times Microwave low loss Braided Coax

LMR® Coax Cables
Part # $/ ft 500ft Reel 1000ft Reel
LMR-195 $0.69 $345.00 $612.00
LMR-240 $0.96 $480.00 $847.00
LMR-400 $1.24 $620.00 $1,094.00
LMR-600 $2.19 $1,095.00 $1,929.00
TWS® Coax Cables
TWS-195 $0.75 $375.00 $659.00
TWS-240 $0.88 440.00 $776.00
TWS-400 $1.32 $660.00 $1,165.00
TWS-600 $2.41 $1,205.00 $2,129.00
LMR® Ultraflex Cables
LMR-240-UF $1.12 $560.00 $988.00
LMR-400-UF $1.76 $880.00 $1,553.00
LMR-600-UF $3.83 $1,915.00 $3,376.00

Braided Coax Times Microwave low loss Braided Coax