Marine Products

Our DAVIS/ORION Marine Division carries premium quality, flat and round wire and cable made of top grade polymer PVC jackets. These products are highly flexible with tinned conductors that meet all USCG, UL, and ABYC* standards. Our products are purchased by leading boat builders, marine electronics firms, and major boat yards.

When you deal with DAVIS/ORION, you deal with individuals who are more than factory representatives or customer service staff. You deal with experienced team members who have proven expertise in commercial and marine cables, RF communications, engineering, and specialty custom designs. Contact our clients for reference.

Highly Competitive
Pricing & Quality
Our pricing allows dealers to mark up costs to highly attractive wholesale gross profits. At the same time, remaining margins will allow 100% mark up to retail list. The resulting retail list price will still be lower than West Marine or Boat U.S.'s member prices (both sell Ancor product). Our products' quality, flexibility, and performance are unsurpassed by any other supplier.

Marine Cable Types

Primary/hookup (2 to 18 AWG)
Duplex (6 to 18 AWG)
Triplex (10 to 16 AWG)
Battery (1/0 to 4/0)
DBS Cable
Multiconductor Control Cable
Audio Cable
Underwater Video
Custom-built cables
Coaxes (low loss/UV resistant)
     BF1410 Low loss Cell Cable
TVRO Cable
Speaker Cable
Floscan Cable
RF Crimp/Clamp Marine

Marine Miscellaneous

RF Coax Connectors
(UHF, TNC, F, etc.)
Marine double braided
     DacronTM rope
AMP waterproof fusion tape
3MTM moisture proof tape
3MTM white UV resistant
     electrical tape
Waterproof Sealing Tapes
Cold Fusion Tape
Cold Shrink Tube
(waterproof & no heat required)

Marine Cellular Antenna

Max System "Max Cell", low profile, waterproof, fringe area, permanent mount, portable emergency, or life raft use.

Mast Head Lightning Protection

Mast head static (ionization) discharge "Porcupine" to lessen danger of lightning hits or static build up on mast or flying bridge. Such ionization build up enhances the chance of lightning strikes and also affect electronics and engine electrical systems. Priced at less than $40 wholesale, this quickly installed, wireless, protector is a prudent "insurance" policy against disaster, expense, and inconvenience.

Client References

Please feel free to contact any of these businesses for a reference.

Black Watch
Little Harbor
Dyer Boats
Hunter Scott Yachts
Chris's Electronics
Cay Marine Electronics
Barden's Boat Yard
Burr Brothers
Hood Yacht Spars

24 Hour Toll FREE 800# Service
Contact us for a complete wire/cable/connector catalog. Please specify "Marine" and if samples are desired.
Also, please see Cay Marine Electronics for more marine information.

No restocking charge on returns ofvstandard stock items
Facilities in Falmouth & Concord MA and NvHaverhill NH

Premier Client SatisfactionTM means we have never lost a client!

* NOTE: ABYC has changed some of their recommended color coding. None of our clients have desired to make this change, thus we do not catalog these colors. However, should a client desire to obtain any of these, we can supply them almost immediately.