Davis RF supplies its own, truly unique, FLEX-WEAVETM ultra-flexible aerial wire plus copper clad, tinned copper clad, and hard drawn copper Aerial Wire.

Item Description Part # < 100 ft Price/ft < 499 ft Price/ft < 999 ft Price/ft 1000+ ft Price/ft
#12 Bare FLEX-WEAVETM, 259 copper strands FW12B $0.25 $0.22 $0.21 $0.20
#12 Bare FLEX-WEAVETM, 259 TINNED copper strands for extra oxidation resistance FW12T $0.35 $0.31 $0.29 $0.27
#12 polyethylene black jacketed FLEX-WEAVETM, 259 copper strands for high abrasion/rodent resistance FW12P $0.40 $0.37 $0.34 $0.32
#12 Coated FLEX-WEAVETM, 259 copper strands, Coated with Clear (CR), Black (BK), or Green (GN) FW12CR
$0.35 $0.32 $0.30 $0.28
#14 Bare FLEX-WEAVETM, 168 copper strands FW14B $0.19 $0.16 $0.15 $0.14
#14 Bare FLEX-WEAVETM, 168 TINNED copper strands for extra oxidation resistance FW14T $0.23 $0.20 $0.19 $0.18
#14 polyethylene black jacketed FLEX-WEAVETM, 168 copper strands for high abrasion/rodent resistance FW14P $0.25 $0.23 $0.21 $0.19
#14 Coated FLEX-WEAVETM, 168 copper strands, Coated with Clear (CR), Black (BK), or Green (GN) FW14CR
$0.26 $0.23 $0.21 $0.19

FLEX-WEAVETM is a sophisticated hybrid aerial wire. Its new innovation provides rope lay construction strength and high flexibility. It can be tied in knots to insulators and untied for repeated use. FLEX-WEAVETM is sometimes referred to as "wire rope" or "jewelers rope". It will not kink or rust out as will copper-clad wire. This flexible wire has also been used for rapid deployment, spool-out, military aerials.

FLEX-WEAVE in knotFLEX-WEAVETM comes in #14 (168 strands of #36 wire) or #12(259 strands of #36 wire). It is excellent for quads, dipoles, long wires, and rapid deployment (spooled-out) antennas. Highly UV resistant PVC jackets of clear, black, and camouflage green are also stocked as well as bare wire. FLEX-WEAVETM is the "Cadillac of aerial wire". It has been written about in all amateur radio publications since its introduction in 1989. This revolutionary product has been used by thousands of hams, commercial firms, and government agencies.

Dean, WA6PJR says "That's what all antennas should be made of" and Press Jones, N8UG, The Wireman Co. and "Guru" of wire and cable, distributes FLEX-WEAVETM for us, saying "The workhorse .... rope type construction for strength, ultra-flexibility, and easy handling".

NOTE: We recommend the use of #12 for spans in excess of 170 ft (one leg of a 160 meter dipole), however, #14 has been used on continuous spans to 275 ft. If you are located in an area with acid rain, salt air or other corrosive environments it is best to use a jacketed version of flexweave. Either PVC or PE will provide a longer lasting antenna ( up to 30 years ). In applications where there is abrasion (rubbing against tree limbs) we would strongly recommend the PE versions.