Coax Connectors

DAVIS RF offers several high quality RF Coax Connectors, Hard Line Connectors, and 75-50 ohm Matching Transformers, compatible with the coax cables we supply.

NOTES: "Clamp" refers to a connector which utilizes a threaded sleeve to secure the connector to the cable. The center pin is soldered. "Crimp" refers to a connector for which the body (shell) is crimped onto the cable (with a crimp tool), making shield contact, and the center pin can be either soldered (preferably) or crimped. "Solder" refers to a solder on design, requiring soldering of both the center pin and the body to the cable shield braid.

Item Description Part # Price
F, RG-6 cable male, cadmium plated, corrosion resistant, crimp F6C $0.79
PL-259, cable male, nickel shell, silver body & amp; pin, hi-temp phenolic insulator, solder RFU-500 $1.49
PL-259, cable male, silver, teflon, solder RFU-501 $2.19
PL-259, Amphenol, cable male, silver, high temperature phenolic, solder 83-1SP $4.25
UG-175, reducer to fit RG-58 coax to PL-259 UG175-S $.059
UG-176, reducer to fit RG-8X &RG-59 coax to PL-259 UG176-S $0.59
N, cable male for RG-214, RG-9, crimp RFN-1006-3F $4.61
N, cable male for RG-213 and RG-8, clamp RFN-1002-1S $7.14
N, cable male for Belden 9913 or equivalent, Davis RF BURY-FLEXTM, LMR-400, clamp RFN-1002-1SI $7.04
N, universal cable male, 2 piece design for easy "PL-259" like assembly, solder WM-7354 $3.90
TNC, cable male for Belden 9913 or equivalent, RG-213, RG-8, clamp RFT-1201-SI $5.50
TNC, cable male for RG-8X, clamp RFT-1201-1X $3.64
TNC, cable male for RG-8X, crimp RFT-1203-1X $2.00